Privacy policy for Biznoos

The privacy policy here refers to the policy followed by Biznoos for collection, usage and dispersal of customer information. Any mention of “we” or “us” or “company” in this policy statement refers to the company Biznoos. Any person using the services provided by the company is covered under this privacy policy statement.


The policy statement does not extend to use of the information by third party vendors who have their services listed in this website. It is also not applicable to the advertisements that are placed on this website. If you click on any add from this website then you have to check the privacy policy of the website for the ad, to know how your information will be used.

Collection and use of information

We receive information through various modes like emails, websites and mobile apps. Information is collected when you are using the services from our website or through any other platform on which Biznoos is available like mobile apps. The information thus collected is stored securely and is further used for:-

  • Improving customer experience and the services offered.
  • Making the website more customized and user friendly.
  • Tracking usage and feedback from customers to share with other businesses.
  • For marketing and advertising purposes like email campaigns.
  • To understand your preferences and make the ads relevant when you visit our site.

Information storage

Any information provided to us while using a service is stored with the highest possible security in our server. In case of an account termination initiated by the customer, the profile will be dissociated from the public view but we might continue to retain information for marketing and ad related campaigns or for reasons as stated in this policy statement. In case of businesses who list with us, closing the account will not remove the listing or the rating reviews of your business.

Information security

The personal information that we receive from you is regarded and maintained with the best possible safety standards as applicable in the industry. We also make use of the best encryption technology when sharing information with the third party businesses listed in our services. We would however like to point out here that despite several security layers, there is still a thin chance of a possible breach as the information is entered.

We do not share your information to any outsider unless it is being demanded by legal means for lawful purposes.

Can children access Biznoos?

The services listed in Biznoos are intended only for adults, above the age of 13 and is in no way intended to collect information about children below 13 years. However we do not have a control over children logging in and sharing information into our system. Our advice to you is to let us know if you come across such instances, where a child has created an account and shared information without the consent of their parents. We will immediately take the necessary course of action to have the information permanently removed from our records and the account terminated.

Policy changes

The privacy policy statement is revisited on regular basis to keep it updated with the latest evolving environment. This is the page that will continue to feature the latest policy statement for your reference. Every change made, if material is intimated to the customers via email or by a notice on the service page which the change of policy will have an effect on. We will consider you to be consenting to the changes if you continue to access the services even after the changes in the policy statement becomes effective.