Biznoos -About us

Connecting people beyond boundaries has always been the objective of Biznoos.

Founded in the year 2017, Biznoos has been working constantly and consistently to bring both the consumers and the service providers together. Whether you are looking for a dentist in your locality or you are looking for the best place to eat, we have all the information you want in just a click.

What do we do?

It is not just about giving you a directory of your chosen service in the given locality. Biznoos provides you much more than simple information. As a consumer looking for services in the locality, you get:-

  • Complete review of the place you want to visit or the service you want to acquire.
  • Non-biased rating to help you make the right choice
  • Constant updates on the events happening around your locality.

If you are a business owner, we provide you with

Contact us whether you want your business to get noticed by the right target group of audience or use our services to find what you are looking for in a jiffy.

  • An account with which you can upload your snaps of your product or service or your place.
  • Option to place your ads through Biznoos
  • Your ads will be accessible to all consumers through multiple platforms including Android and iOS.