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Well known in the locale for the reliable brands and high quality products, Kumar Mill store brings all kind of industrial and commercial products at your doorstep. Having served customers across the nation with multiple drilling and cutting products among others, Kumar Mill store has more than a decade of experience in the industry.

At Kumar Mill store, it is our consistent effort to bring only the best to our consumers. You can find products which are of accurate and precise measurements and matching your technical as well as financial requirements. It is our constant endeavor to offer industrial products in affordable range from high quality and top selling brands.

Why should you choose us?

It is our primary objective to provide our customers with affordable mill and cutting tools for all their machining requirements. We have products that you may not actually find in your locality and our specialty tools have long since gained the name of being reliable and affordable.

  • Extensive network: With more than a decade of experience servicing customers in the locality with specialized machining and milling products, we have established a very strong network with multiple dealers and brands across the nation. This has helped us to offer you the products at a competitive pricing and also offer those products which are currently unavailable in the market.
  • Custom specifications: It is not just the unique and specialized cutting tools that we are famous for. We also offer among our other products, custom tools to match with certain technical specifications. You can reach out to us through our website or through phone and check out the technical requirements for availability.
  • Quality assured: We have highly qualified team of expert technical engineers, who help examining every product before it is delivered to our customers. It is their consistent effort to ensure that our consumers are presented only with the best quality and highly efficient milling tools. The team will also help you in choosing the right product based on your requirement, without compromising or deviating from your budget.

It is our mission to offer the most distinct and innovative milling tools to all our customers at excellent quality and service. We take great pride in the quality of our products as it undergoes multiple iterations before reaching our customers. If you are looking for affordability and reliability in milling tools, then this is your place to be.