Posted On: November 11th, 2017

Technology and therefore the digital marketing has been evolving everyday with new concepts of marketing and other techniques grabbing the top spot each day. Every concept that we see new today is already past news tomorrow. So with this changing environment, how will the online businesses hold in future? Is there a future for the businesses which continue to emerge online? What should they need to do to thrive for the longer term? Let us try to predict how the future of online business will shape up.

Go mobile!

You might wonder why we are referring to mobile here for there is already a whole deal of websites being accessed through mobile phones. This is true; however this might become the only option used by customers in the future. So businesses which merely have a website may not be able to thrive if they don’t have a mobile app or be part of a marketplace with a mobile presence. Setting up the ecommerce on mobile is your best way to brave the future.

Personalizing is the key

Have you visited the online Sephora store? They have options for customers to try out the product virtually. This is the future staring at us now. There will not any gap between the in-store and online shopping experience with customers given the option to personalize their products more than what we see now. It will not merely be products listing based on your previous shopping experience but rather it would be something beyond that.

Community based recommendations to take precedence

This is a common trait which we have even now where we prefer the brands or stores recommended by our friends and family. It is also true that we often look for reviews and recommendations of other customers, before purchasing a product. If you want to drive sales, then you have to drive it through communities online. Build a community and ensure that people are talking about your business positively in their own words and get more brand recognition.

Innovation is the key

In terms of technology, we have come a long way from simple network connection to the recent ad campaigns on social networks like Facebook and Instagram. The technology has been evolving endlessly in the last decade and will continue to do so. Unless you can keep up with the changes in technology with innovative outlook, you may not be able to keep up with the competition.

Online business in India

Indian market has been thriving online and with Indians being one of the largest consumer groups in the world, this is rightly expected to boom. However innovation is the key to sustenance, be it online or offline! With the technology advancement in its prime, you can only expect more innovative features to get added to the mix.

As for online businesses are concerned, despite having joined the bandwagon later than many other developed countries, Indian businesses have been on the forefront with creative designs and eye catchy apps.